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Mythos Medium Format LIVE - Shooting with Martin Krolop and the Fujifilm GFX System

24.02.2022 - from 18:00 h

On February 24, 2022 we will talk with Martin Krolop about the myths of medium format and the Fujifilm GFX system. Martin will also give informative insights into portrait photography with the Fujifilm GFX 50S II in the studio as well as outdoors.

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When you buy selected Fujifilm cameras, lenses and accessories, you will receive up to €1,000 cashback from Fujifilm!

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The best cameras for beginners / novices

Photography is perhaps the most beautiful hobby! However, photography is certainly not one of the cheapest hobbies, and with this guide we want to give you an overview of which cameras are particularly well suited for starting this multi-faceted hobby.

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Introduction to product photography - live shoot with Luis Rüsing

Introduction to product photography with the Fujifilm GFX medium format system. Using the example of a product, Luis Rüsing illustrates the procedure for setting the light and the advantages of the medium format system for his type of photography.

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Photo contest Orange - These are the winners!

Our winners from the last photo contest have been announced!

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