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Foto Koch Academy - become better at photography

Workshops, seminars and photo trips

Workshops in D?sseldorf

Foto Koch and D?sseldorf are inseparable. That's why most of the Foto Koch Academy workshops naturally take place here, whether within our premises or right in the middle of the action in our beautiful city of D?sseldorf.

All workshops, all locations

Workshops, photo courses and photo tours in D?sseldorf, Wuppertal and NRW. Here you will find the complete overview.

Foto Koch Academy

Tired of bad photos? Welcome to the Foto Koch Academy!

Basics Workshops

Get started, we'll help you! After all, the photographic basics are the foundation of your hobby. Our experienced instructors will help you step-by-step with the basics of photography all the way to the latest camera technology.

Advanced Workshops

Getting better is fun! Nobody knows everything, there are always things that are new. In our advanced workshops, you'll benefit from the photographic basics and expand your knowledge in areas that particularly interest you.

Outdoor Workshops

Get out of your comfort zone! Our experts will accompany you "out into real life" as part of various photographic outdoor topics and explain what equipment you need for your specific ideas and how to use it wisely.

Workshops, photo courses and photo tours in D?sseldorf and NRW

At the Foto Koch Academy you will be introduced to the different areas of photography in a pleasant atmosphere under the guidance of professional trainers. Our workshops are designed to help you get started in photography, they are fun and awaken your creativity.

Forget YouTube: you will not only learn to take better pictures, but you will also meet other photographers and spend time with them: Live networking! Many contacts remain for years.

Of course we also talk about the optimal use of lenses and accessories, you are also welcome to test products that interest you. We adapt the learning pace to the participants individually and strive to answer every question extensively. Your photographic equipment is the tool you use to create your images, a means to an end. We explain both how to use this tool, but more importantly how to use it to bring your ideas to life, in connection with photographic fundamentals and how to train your photographic vision. Since images are made to be seen, not to "collect dust" on hard drives, we also offer sessions on post-processing and the proper presentation of your work.

There's not only boring theory here!


Foto Koch Akademie
Schadowstra?e 62
40212 D?sseldorf Telephone: 0211/178800

Our promise

  • Professional trainers with many years of experience
  • no mass events
  • comfortable group size
  • accommodating booking options
  • no hidden costs
  • Fun guaranteed

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